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Best Travel Bottle Warmer For Top Rated Baby Bottles

Travel Bottle Warmer Benefits

travel bottle warmerWhen it is time to feed infants and young babies, parents don’t have time to go through machinations to try to get it ready for a cranky, crying baby. For parents who like warm milk, it is frustrating to try and get the bottle ready. However, pediatricians say that it is not necessary to warm milk, even expressed milk. They say that it really all depends on what each baby prefers and in some instances, it is a preference of the mother. For mother’s who have expressed their milk and it is stored in the refrigerator, they would prefer the milk to be at room temperature or just a tad warmer. Pediatricians state that there isn’t any medical reason to warm a bottle, however, they warm parents that if they begin warming bottles, that babies quickly adapt and that is all they will want – which is okay.

In any case, access to the best travel bottle warmer is a necessity when parents are ready to leave the home, because when parent travel there is no stove or other electrical contact to use to heat up a bottle quickly, plus you need a bottle warmer that has heating options. Top rated baby bottles can be used in travel bottle warmers because they are a great device that doesn’t require any thought, it is easy to use and it keeps milk solutions safe. A portable bottle warmer in every baby travel bag allows parents to leave the house with a device that will quickly warm the baby’s milk and it is a bottle warmer that has features that ensures a fast warm up and that its temperature for the milk still gives the baby a quality, nutrient filled milk product. Some feature options of a travel bottle warmer to be considered, should include the following:

• Portability: A majority of travel bottle warmers are compact size and they have many advanced features, such as: sleeves, gel packs, bottle inserts, and the ability to plug them into the car’s cigarette lighter socket.

• Heating Technology: Portable travel bottle warmers will vary in heating times. Most of the best travel bottle warmers are reusable and they should be free of BPA and phthalate, which are chemicals that are used in plastics. Many travel bottle warmers are insulated or they come with an insulated covering to keep bottles warm or cold for longer time periods. Modern travel bottle warmers offers parents the freedom to be away from home or any electrical connection for extended periods of time and to feed the baby anywhere.

The Best Travel Bottle Warmer

The overall top rated baby bottles that mother’s have approved and enjoy using, are:

1. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle:
The Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle is very easy and efficient to use. Just fill its thermal flask with boiling water and you are done. Whenever you need to heat up the bottle, just remove its white plastic cover, pour water into it and place the bottle inside. The Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle is designed with a stainless steel heating efficiency that keeps hot water hot for up to 12 hours. This travel bottle container can be used to warm up baby food and cereals, so it grows with the baby.

2. Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer:
The Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer uses the car’s socket as its power source. It can be used with any type of bottle, including wide neck bottles. The Munchkin can also grow with the baby to warm up jars of baby food and cereals. It only requires the push of two buttons to operate. There is a round button that is the on/off switch and the other button is the timer. When mother’s are warming formula solutions or breast-fed milk, it has a timer that can be set and which will automatically turn off.

3. Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer:
The Prince Lionheart bottle warmer can be used while in the car, in a shopping mall, in the park or at the office. It uses a special gel to generate the heat. Parents only need to wrap a pouch around the bottle, which holds a special gel. There is a small metal button or disc that is pressed to activate the gel. When the bottle warmer is activated, the pouch can be inserted into a neoprene case, which can be carried around. The gel pack can generate heat for up to 3 hours before recharging it again.

4. WarmZe Travel Bottle Warmer:
The WarmZe is another innovative bottle warmer that can fit top rated baby bottles. WarmZe also uses a chemical reactive wrap to warm up expressed milk or formula milk. This innovative chemical reaction of this bottle warmer is activated by air. WarmZee holds baby bottles warm for up to 12 hours and its warming temperature is around 100° F and it stays constant, even at long extended periods of time. The wrap heats the milk at a slow and steady rate that preserves all of its nutrients. The heat wrap’s cover protects the parent and the baby from overly heated bottles, as it insulates the bottle and keeps it warm. The WarmZe wrap has a long life and it can be placed on multiple bottles throughout its many hours of use.

5. Iiamo Go Bottle Warmer:
The Iiamo Go Bottle Warmer is a compact sized, self heater for any size baby bottles. This travel bottle warmer heats milk up within 4 minutes, using specialized cartridges. The warmer’s cartridges allows parents to heat the baby’s bottle anywhere and at anytime. The Iiamo Go Bottle Warmer warms bottles for 20 minutes between the heating cartridge and the bottle insulation.

6. BambinOz Bottle Warmer:
The BambinOz Bottle Warmer heats expressed milk or baby formula up immediately. This bottle warmer keeps bottles warm for three hours, which works great for short errands. It operates using a thermal heating pouch that is filled with a chemical solution, which is activated by a metal disc or button. When BambinOz is activated, the chemical solution becomes gel-like in content. Milk temperature is dependent on whether the milk is breast-fed milk or formula-fed milk. A protective heating wrap is also included. The BambinOz bottle warmer can also transition from keeping milk and food, hot or cold.

7. Yoomi Portable Warmer:
The Yoomi portable bottler warmer quickly warms milk, especially breast milk in just 60 seconds. The cold milk is warmed as it flows through its specially designed activation system for natural breast milk temperature, which is 32° to 34° C. The Yoomi Portable Warmer is designed to stay warm for up to one hour.

Key Bottle Warmer Features

A quality travel bottle warmer is very beneficial for parents who must be on the go a lot. They heat milk within a few minutes. Their added benefits, includes the following:

• innovative degree heating controls that know when to shut-off.
• accommodates bottles of different sizes and types.
• safe for breast milk .
• cleans easily and effectively.
• they heat evenly with 360° heating mechanism for all models.

Formula fed milk can be given to a baby whether it is cold, room temperature, or warmed. It is entirely up to the baby or the mother. Formula can be warmed to body temperature, but it should never be reheated, nor should it ever be placed in a microwave oven. Mother’s can test its warm by using the tried and true, inside wrist method. Formula that feels just warm on the wrist, is perfect for the baby.


Whether a new mother is going to pump or use a formula made milk, storing it properly to use on the road is vitally important. A travel bottle warmer is very convenient when parents are travelling, especially if parents live in an area where the weather is cold. The best things about modern day bottle warmers are:
(1) they are very handy; (2) many brands can go keep bottles warm for a long way; (3) bottle warmers can be charged in various methods. There are also models that have disposable liners in case parents don’t have any place to wash the bottles. There are portable bottle warmers to fit any parent’s needs.

Travel bottle warmers help parents to safely and quickly warm breast milk, formula milk, including jar food, and bottles. They are safely designed with regulations stipulated by the CDC and the United States Department of Agriculture, especially in warming up cold milk. Bottle warmers that remain at home or bottle warmers that are used for travel, allow high speed warming controls so that human milk and formula milk remain nutrient safe. Many travel bottle warmers can hold different brand named top rated baby bottles.

They are also designed with built-in timers that help eliminate the risk of overheating, which provides a safer, faster, easier, and more precise method to keep milk solutions safe for the baby to drink. When these specially designed timers have completed their cycle, the warming unit stops completely, even if the bottle is left in the warmer.

Breast Milk Pump – Review and Pumping Storage Tips


If you’ve chosen to use a breast milk pump, odds are you have a few questions. Breast feeding and pumping are both simple processes, but new mothers often need a little guidance. It’s completely understandable, since it’s something brand new. The following are common questions and answers about breast milk pumps:

How does a breast pump work? A breast milk pump suctions your breasts in a way that mimics the manner in which a child suckles. This causes the milk to squeeze out of the breasts and into a collection container. The milk can then be stored in the refrigerator (short term) or freezer (long term) for a baby’s consumption.

When can I start using a breast milk pump ? It’s ok to start using a pump right away. However, it’s wise to practice using it before you go back to work. This practice achieves two things: 1) it ensures you are comfortable with the process prior to returning to work and leaving your baby in the care of another person and 2) it gives you time to create a store of milk in your freezer.

When should I use the pump? Every woman is comfortable pumping at different times. For those who are both breast feeding and using the pump, it may be easiest and most convenient to pump your breasts right after feeding the baby. Others may pump at designated times during the day. It’s really up to you.

How long should I pump each time? For most mothers, a pumping session will last as long as the average feeding session. Breast feeding a baby can take more than fifteen minutes, and so can pumping. However, electric pumps can reduce this time to as little as ten minutes, once you become accustomed to the pump’s use. Make sure you collect a good amount of milk (i.e. enough to feed your child) when you pump, if possible.

How much milk will I collect? When you first start using the breast milk pump, you may not get too much. Keep at it. The more often you pump the more milk you’ll produce. Every mom learns that the way to keep their milk flowing is to empty out her breasts, whether by breast feeding or pumping.

What if my baby needs more than I pump? There will probably come a time where your child is really hungry and needs more milk than what is in his or her bottle. If this is the case, there are two simple solutions. You can either pump more milk to feed your child (this may be necessary if your baby has a problem breast feeding) or breast feed. You can breast feed and use the pump at the same time.

How do I store milk? Storing your milk properly is very important. Milk can go bad, and you don’t want to feed anything bad to your child. The best way to store your milk is to put it in a sterile bag made especially for breast pump collection or to put it in a bottle. It’s easiest if you store it in serving sizes; for instance, if your baby drinks five ounces per feeding, place that amount in each container. Milk should be refrigerated immediately after collecting to make sure it stays sterile. If you won’t be using the milk right away (i.e. that day or the next), then store it in a freezer. You can thaw the milk later.

Cheap Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but for some families, it can also be a time of financial stress. A few reliable sources for cheap maternity clothes can ease that budgetary strain without sacrificing quality or style. These are our nominations as the best spots for cheap maternity clothes .

Retail stores

Every maternity wardrobe needs a whole lot of basic clothing items. For these we recommend retail chains with maternity sections, such as Old Navy, The Gap, Sears, and Target, or any local chains that sell inexpensive maternity clothes.

Old Navy always has inexpensive maternity clothes that are cute and fit well. As with the rest of their products, Target’s maternity clothes are stylish yet reasonably priced. Since 2002, Target’s maternity line has featured Liz Lange, a renowned maternity designer. Moms-to-be won’t have any trouble finding maternity dresses at Target for under $30.

Online sales

Every maternity wardrobe also needs one dazzling dress or outfit that can be worn for special occasions. A great way to shop for maternity dresses is to keep an eye on sales at online maternity stores.

We recommend looking for sales on maternity outfits and dresses at companies such as Bella Materna, Japanese Weekend, Isabella Oliver, and ElinOtto. These maternity clothing sites are a little more upscale than what you’ll find elsewhere online, but if you can snag a sales item, you’ll know you’ve got an inexpensive maternity outfit that will make you look and feel great.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores can also be a great source for inexpensive maternity clothes, though selection will be heavily dependent on where you live. Populous urban areas will obviously have a wider selection of used maternity clothes than smaller cities or rural locales. There are also a number of used maternity clothing sites online for expectant mothers willing to buy used clothes sight unseen.

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